About Klima Industries

Klima Industries

HVAC Copper Tubes & Coils Manufacturer

Referred to as Klima, leading manufacturer & Supplier of HVAC Copper Tubes & Copper Coils. Klima has a long tradition of service, providing customers with quality products. Our High Tech production facilities are backed up by excellent support services. These include engineering, technical development, marketing and finance functions that are aimed at ensuring Klima products meet your requirements.

Rubber Insulation Tube, Rolls, & Sheet

Klima HVAC Rubber Insulation – From Pioneer to a Global Market Leader

Insulation is an effective and cost-efficient way to improve energy efficiency in industrial, commercial and residential infrastructure. Klima insulation materials are designed for both new and existing HVAC installations. The Engineered Foams business develops light foams for the use in a broad range of HVAC industry.